Who am I?

I am Shourov CB(Chakraborty), an independent & creative Web Designer & WordPress Expert. Learning something new is my hobby, and I learned WordPress and Web Designing as a part of my hobby. Now I want to make it my profession.

As a professional services provider, client satisfaction, and doing the perfect job for them is my priority. I always try to complete projects on time and over-deliver than client’s expectations. I believe that quality is better than quantity.

About wordpress expert


I prefer wide open commutation. On every project, I talk to client back forth. taking suggestion and improvising on the way is the best about me. I believe that open, productive communication is the key to good work and happy client.

Goal & Focus

Everything, every Project has a focus, a goal to cover. What ever your projects demands I am hear to cover up. 

Guide & Documentation

For every individual project I do provide full-featured step by step Guide and documentation, even on the easiest projects. I also suggest client before and after the project has completed to make the website better.